Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2009

Tue, Sep 29, 2009


Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2009

Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2009

The best places to go and things to do all around the world right now! Drawing on the knowledge, passion and miles traveled by Lonely Planet‘s staff and authors, you’ve got a year’s worth of travel inspiration to take you out of the ordinary and into some unforgettable experiences.


  • Lonely Planet’s co founder, Tony Wheeler, shares his top travel picks for the year.
  • Explore 30 must-go destinations – Lonely Planet presents the top 10 countries, regions and cities to visit in 2009.
  • Contains 850 travel experiences, from stargazing in the Caribbean to finding the perfect midlife crisis getaway.
  • Complete world-view: an annual rundown of every country in the world.
  • 2009 travel planner – 50 adventures mapped out month-by-month.
  • Immerse yourself in water! A special feature showcasing 70 journeys and experiences on, in, through and over water.

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